Do you put all of your hard-earned money in your bank account?!

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Clayton Hepler and I chat about why your money can be best spent elsewhere, instead of just leaving it to collect 0.001% interest in your bank account. There is a well-known tactic among the wealthy that is used to double your returns and that allows anyone to gain some leverage as they start in the real estate industry.

Clayton also talks about how adopting a warrior mindset early on was a huge factor in his success. No matter how big the problem is, approaching it with the same “battle” mentality that a warrior would is what always gets him at the top of the tallest and biggest mountain.

What we discuss:

00:50: About Clay

08:40: What type of properties is Clay purchasing?

10:42: How did Clayton source and finance his deals?

17:02: Why single-family homes are the worst decision ever

19:10: What services does Clayton’s company provide?

35:08: What books does Clayton recommend?

36:33: What is Clayton’s morning routine like?

41:08: Does Clayton have any experience with coaching and mentorship?

44:13: What’s the biggest mistake Clayton ever made?

45:15: What’s Clayton’s go-to mindset tip?

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