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We leverage our expertise to identify the highest quality investment opportunities, and outline the full details of the deal for your assessment.


We educate, empower, and bring together like-minded individuals, creating a strong and long-lasting community.


We provide the full, undiluted details of all opportunities, and are available to answer any questions, anytime.


We understand the value of your time and investment, and strive to continuously improve our offering presentations.

Real Estate at the Core

A Lifelong Exploration

Wild Oak Capital has far-reaching roots in real estate, with a combo of experience that leads to positive results through-and-through. Because we have been personally investing in real estate for many years, our background in managing properties supports a sound assessment of new opportunities. Combined with Eric’s background as a civil engineer, we have an understanding of buildings and the business truly from the ground up.

It’s our goal to provide lasting value to our investors, and bring nothing but the best to the table.

Experts. Builders. Partners. Professionals.

Meet Wild Oak Capital

Eric Nelson

Founder and Principal

Eric Nelson is from southwest Colorado and received a degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University. He is the principal of Wild Oak Capital and is actively looking for partnerships and syndication opportunities. He has been investing in real estate for over 10 years and currently owns over 3.5 million dollars worth of real estate with his wife, or partners. Eric also co-owns a successful engineering company in Colorado. With his background, Eric excels at underwriting, project management, investor communication, property inspections and asset management.

Jens Nielsen


Jens Nielsen is the principal of Open Doors Capital. He has raised several millions for apartment syndications and is a general partner in over 800 apartment units around the country. He has also passively invested in 14 syndications/private investments, spanning over 1020 apartment units and 12 properties purchased, 2,000 mobile park lots and over 6,000 storage units plus mortgage note funds and private money lending. Jens has a passion for coaching new investors and enable their success through strategy, accountability and personal growth.​

John Weaver

General Partner

John currently resides in Dallas and has an MBA from the University of Colorado. He is a sales director at a food and beverage company, but also has a passion for real estate. He has previously worked as a realtor and has invested passively and actively in multifamily real estate deals in Georgia and Texas. John brings his passion for relationship building and negotiation to the acquisition and asset management process.

Shane Brooks

General Partner

Shane Brooks is from southwest Colorado and received a degree in Engineering from Fort Lewis College. Currently, he is a project engineer for a midstream company in Houston, TX. He has been investing in real estate for over 9 years and currently owns/self manages over $4.9 million dollars worth of real estate. With his strong technical background, Shane excels at multifamily underwriting, asset management, and project execution.

Ben Nelson


Ben Nelson grew up in Southwestern Colorado, and graduated from the University of Colorado.  He has over 15 years of large-scale project management experience, including multiple world-record credits, and routinely manages large projects with multi-million dollar budgets.  Working both nationally and internationally, Ben specializes in building relationships with stakeholders, government entities, municipalities, authorities, and institutions to reach common goals and create uncommon results.

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