Mindset and success are inextricably linked, but everybody has their own unique way of defining these terms and living them out for themselves! It is with concepts like this in mind that we bring you the first episode for The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, hosted by Eric Nelson! Today we are joined by Luc D’Abreau and Daisy Serrano from Make It Rain Capital and we spend today’s show hearing about their foray into real estate and the habits and thought patterns they have adopted to keep growing personally and professionally. We kick the discussion off by hearing about how Luc and Daisy got into real estate by investing passively and the lessons they learned which they have taken forward into their current strategies. They talk about balancing life and other professional work with real estate and then share more about why they are currently focused on the Austin and San Antonio areas. We then switch gears and take a deep dive into topics like mentors, morning routines, valuable knowledge resources for personal growth, and the definition of success. We wrap up our discussion on the important idea that while we all possess the ability to reach our goals for inner and outer wealth, it is what we do for others once we have reached these goals that truly counts. For a strong first episode that sets the tone for things to come on The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, be sure to tune in today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An intro into Luc and Daisy and how they balance life and real estate!
  • The reason Luc and Daisy invested passively in two deals in San Antonio.
  • How our guests learned the power of real estate after starting by investing passively.
  • Daisy’s feelings about moving from teaching into the new challenges of real estate.
  • The relationship aspect of real estate and how it is so community-oriented.
  • Why Luc and Daisy started a podcast and the thinking behind aiming it at millennials.
  • Luc and Daisy’s aim to focus on investing between Austin and San Antonio and the success they have found.
  • The role of moving to Austin for getting more intimate knowledge of deals and the community.
  • Luc and Daisy’s morning routine and how it helps them maintain a productive mindset.
  • Key books Luc and Daisy read to help them with business and personal growth.
  • The power of mentors and some key people that inspire Luc and Daisy.
  • Challenges Daisy and Luc are working through on a personal and professional level.

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