One of the fastest and most effective ways to learn a new skill and level up in your life is to surround yourself with people who have already mastered what you aim to. This is a key lesson that Nate and Bethany Smith AKA Your Cashflow Couple join us on the show today to discuss. Our conversation opens with some background information about our guests and they talk about Nate’s career in the military and how it has influenced their journey into real estate. One of Nate and Bethany’s big strengths is the entrepreneurial mindset that they both share and they talk about how they formed this and the role it has played in different ambitious projects that they have realized in the past. A big pattern for Nate and Bethany is their habit of aiming to connect with the most accomplished people in a particular field in order to learn from them, and they weigh in on how this has influenced their current business plan and life more broadly. The plan Bethany and Nate are currently executing is building a financial advisory business to generate capital that they can then put into real estate for longer-term growth, and we hear them weigh in on the nuts and bolts of this operation. They also talk about the various big mentors like Grant Cardone and Ed Mylett that they have connected with and how they have helped them take action on their biggest dreams. Tune in for a motivational conversation about the power of good mentorship in lasting success.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Nate’s career in the military and how this influenced his and Bethany’s interest in real estate.
  • The entrepreneurial mindset Nate and Bethany share and where this came from.
  • Surrounding yourself with people who do what you want to learn how to do.
  • The different strengths Nate and Bethany have and how their work combines them.
  • Thinking long term and getting advice from people who have done what you want to do.
  • Nate speaks about his tendency to want to meet the people at the top of hierarchies.
  • The motivation you get from being around people more successful than you.
  • Our guests’ strategy of having a cash-flowing business that funds real estate investing.
  • How Nate and Bethany’s faith and past experience play into their confidence in their plan.
  • The good feeling real estate gives you because it helps you improve communities.
  • Nate and Bethany’s respective morning routines and mindset piece of these habits.
  • Books that rank highest on our guests’ lists and some of the lessons inside them.
  • Mentors who live the lifestyle that Nate and Bethany do and how they influenced them.
  • The strategies Nate and Bethany used to get to know and work with people like Ed Mylett.

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