Making the move into multi-family from your W2 may seem daunting, but with the right preparation and a mindset change, you could find success in your new vocation. Today we speak with someone who did just that. Kyle Mitchell is a multi-family investor and syndicator, and in this episode, he tells us about his journey into real estate and how his aspirations have shaped his experiences so far. To open our conversation, Kyle talks about his W2 gig and how he’d never thought about what he wanted to do long-term. That’s when he started dabbling with real estate and invested in single-family. After discovering the limitations of single-family, Kyle took a course in multi-family, discovered its virtues, and the rest is history. He has since started an asset management company with his partner Gary Lipsky and is in the process of moving closer to his market in Arizona. After hearing about the types of properties Kyle invests in, we talk more about his partnership with Gary Lipsky and hear the importance of teaming up with people you can count on. Later in the show, Kyle talks about the challenges that come with raising capital and how you can shift your mindset for multi-family success. To conclude, we get to know more about Kyle and what makes him tick. For more on his morning routine, best book buys, and ideas on success, join us today!  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, multi-family investor, and syndicator, Kyle Mitchell.
  • Kyle Mitchell tells us about his professional history.
  • Kyle’s experiences diving into multi-family.
  • Hear about how Kyle weighed up his worst-case scenario as he started in real estate.
  • We ask Kyle to talk about his partnership with Gary Lipsky.
  • The difference between investing in multi-family with your money and your sponsor’s money.
  • Kyle tells listeners why he has two separate podcasts.
  • Hear about the APT Capital Group Summit.
  • How to overcome challenges around raising capital.
  • Kyle describes his morning routine.
  • The books Kyle is currently reading and the ones he recommends to real estate investors.
  • Kyle’s biggest learning opportunity and how it has impacted him.
  • Mindset tips Kyle has for young investors starting out in real estate.
  • We hear Kyles’s thoughts on success; how to create it and how he defines it.

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