Successful people are often seen as being brilliant and gifted, but many would say that the main ingredient in success is hard work. Today we talk about the value of hard work and taking action in being a successful real estate investor with Alix Kogan. Alix is the President of Ashland Capital Fund, a multi-strategy investment group specializing in alternative investments and asset management. We start our conversation with Alix on the topic of his journey into real estate. He talks about how he transitioned from teaching into construction which then paved the way for his experiments as an LP to finally land in the game of multifamily. From there, we speak to Alix about some of the ideas and best practices that have been the most influential on his success. He talks about growing up in a family with an entrepreneurial mindset, which valued a ‘just do it’ approach to life and didn’t give fear too much attention. He highlights the idea that our careers or futures don’t have to be reflections of the personalities we were born with. Anybody can do anything if they are prepared to put themselves through the uncomfortable situations that stand in between them and their goals! For all this and more on the Real Estate Mindset Podcast today, be sure to tune in.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Alix got into real estate moving from construction to single and then multifamily.
  • Alix’s approach to getting into investing as a limited partner many years ago.
  • Learning the business of real estate by investing with a transparent GP as an LP at first.
  • Why Alix moved to Durango and transitioned from high school teaching into real estate.
  • Smaller assets Alix still owns and his plan to let go of most of them to focus on larger ones.
  • An introduction to the work that Ashland does and the locations of the deals they own.
  • The broad region Ashcroft focuses on and strategies they use to keep their deal flow high.
  • How Alix got his entrepreneurial mindset and the role his family played in this.
  • What Alix’s morning routine looks like, considering he is a night owl.
  • The beauty of entrepreneurship for setting a flexible schedule for oneself.
  • A book Alix is reading and the lessons about neuroplasticity to be found in it.
  • The need to get over the things that make you uncomfortable to reach your goals.
  • Influential relationships and coaching programs that have shaped Alix’s success.
  • Alix’s experiences of going against his intuition and what he has learned from them.
  • Advice from Alix about the value of not over-hesitating before getting your feet wet in real estate.
  • The value of hard work and surrounding yourself with the right people.
  • How to find out more about Ashland Capital Fund and connect with Alix online.

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