Sometimes it can be difficult to know what steps to take in which order, but having an end goal in mind and practicing accountability as you progress can go a long way to help. Today’s guest is Mandy McAllister, and she joins us to talk about her mindset frameworks and how they fit into her work as a women’s coach and real estate investor. Mandy is an advocate for empowering women through her platform, Aspiring Women Achieving More, and helps others define their path to financial freedom through her investing entity, Good Fortune Capital. Our conversation begins with some details about Mandy’s education and her journey of navigating her W2 while going pro in the world of real estate. Mandy is a big believer in doing things from a place of power rather than desperation, thus her road into real estate centered around incremental growth rather than diving into the deep end. Moving onto the mindset piece of our conversation, Mandy takes a deep dive into her personal framework for success and the place that planning, accountability, overcoming fear, and being receptive have in it. In our discussion of books, mentors, and lessons learned, Mandy drills down on the importance of the language we use when we address ourselves, the value of getting incrementally better every day, and a whole lot more. To hear about how Mandy is using the power of mindset to reach her dreams, and help other women do the same, be sure to tune in today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Background information about Mandy and her process of going pro in real estate.
  • Assets Mandy bought for herself at the beginning of her real estate journey.
  • The incremental investing approach Mandy has used at Good Fortune Capital.
  • How Mandy has scaled up her investments to the recent acquisition of a 53-unit.
  • Why Mandy is less interested in the syndication approach considering her context.
  • Mandy’s approach to transitioning into real estate full-time.
  • The belief Mandy has in getting clear of her north star before embarking on a project.
  • Hierarchies of financial freedom and how this concept fits into Mandy’s approach.
  • The goal-setting and strategizing Mandy does through Aspiring Women Achieving More.
  • How quantifying problems can help you gain perspective on them in your mind.
  • Practicing accountability as a way of staying on track and reaching goals.
  • Breaking your strategy into smaller steps and squeezing the juice out of life.
  • The structure of Mandy’s recent presentation on the mindset of success.
  • Pushing through fear by visualizing the worst case and preparing for that.
  • The condensed morning routine Mandy has designed and the place of self-love in this.
  • Lessons about the tipping point of success after long hours of work.
  • How important the language we use when we talk to ourselves is.
  • The best way to find Mandy online and find out more about what she does.

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