Transitioning from one career to another is not easy. It takes humility, drive, and commitment to start from scratch. Brian Briscoe, Director of Content and Marketing at Four Oaks Capital, decided to leave the Marine Corps to dive into the world of multifamily four years ago and, with just over 100 days till his retirement, he is within arm’s length of his goal of working in syndication full-time. In this episode, Brian sheds light on his journey and the work he put into educating himself on all things real estate. Having already invested in single-family properties, Brian realized that it was not scalable and would not give him the life he wanted. We hear about how he started Four Oaks Capital and what he learned about the value of partnerships and trusting people along the way. Real estate is a team sport, and you can go so much further with other people than you can alone. Brian also talks about his unique podcast and the value it has brought to his life. As the show wraps up, we find out some of Brian’s top mindset tips, including the merit of hiring a coach, why you should never give up, and realizing that success is not a destination, but a journey. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Brian, his career in the Marine Corps, and his decision to get into real estate. 
  • The timeline from owning single-family homes to moving to multifamily. 
  • The educational path Brian took to learn about multifamily; he read 100 books in seven months! 
  • How Eric met his current partner, Eric Shirley, and their decision to start Four Oaks. 
  • The niche that Four Oaks started in and what they have moved onto since. 
  • Unpacking the difference between a joint venture and a syndication. 
  • When Brian realized the value of outsourcing work that takes time away from your core focus. 
  • How the first deal taught Brian the importance of trusting your partners in multifamily. 
  • The story of how Brian decided to start a podcast and the unique format he chose to stand out. 
  • Brian’s passion for education and why he wants to pay it forward with an educational program. 
  • Skills Brian learned from his time in service that have helped him in real estate. 
  • Brian’s hopes to restart a morning routine once he retires. 
  • Some of the important books that helped Brian along his real estate journey. 
  • The value Brian has found in having a coach and informal mentors. 
  • You have to be willing to invest in yourself to get others to invest in you. 
  • What Brian believes contributes to his success; talent and drive. 
  • Brian’s definition of success is being on the right path and the choice you make to walk it.

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