In today’s episode, we sit down with the multi-talented Ramsey Blankenship to talk about his business, Real Focus Capital Investments. Tuning in you’ll hear the lessons he’s adopted from various mentors over the years and how he learned to delegate and become open to the idea of partnerships. In our conversation Ramsy shares how his career with the Navy facilitated his first foray into real estate investment and helped him get out of his comfort zone. We hear from Ramsey about a hard lesson he learned about the importance of conducting prior market research and how it changed his outlook. Later we explore why pivoting your business is such a difficult task and how the COVID 19 pandemic has affected real estate options. Ramsey discusses the steps they’ve taken to pivot Real Focus Capital Investments to continue growing wealth for their investors and what his expectations are for the future. Ramsey shares an anecdote of how he learned to delegate tasks by listening to this very podcast, and how that has freed up his time to focus his energy much more efficiently. We also hear from Ramsey about the importance of putting yourself out there early in your career and what he has learned about the value of partnerships. He gives us some excellent book recommendations that have influenced his life as well as key advice for growing a healthy mindset. For all this and much more, join us today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest Ramsey Blankenship.
  • How Ramsey’s navy career informed his real estate investments.
  • The potential pitfalls of inheriting tenants.
  • The BRRRR strategy: buy it, renovate it, retain it, refinance it, and repeat.
  • Ramsey shares how he learned the importance of market research the hard way.
  • The rules for multifamily properties do not apply to all investment opportunities.
  • Ramsey’s business Real Focus Capital Investments and how they have pivoted their strategy.
  • How Ramsey’s business is growing wealth for his investors.
  • How the COVID 19 has affected Ramsey’s business and has informed their need to pivot.
  • How Ramsey learned to delegate tasks to free up his time from listening to The Real Estate Mindset Podcast.
  • Ramsey shares his morning routine and why it’s necessary to his sense of direction.
  • We hear from Ramsey about his book recommendations.
  • How multiple mentors have influenced Ramsey in his life.
  • How to become more comfortable with partnerships and why they can be so positive.
  • Ramsey shares his biggest mistake by not putting himself out there sooner.
  • Flipping the narrative from ‘Can I borrow money?’ to “Can I help you make money?’.
  • Ramsey shares his tips for positively influencing your mindset.

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