Creating thriving communities is Michael Barnhart and Suzy Sevier’s goal. They do this by adding value to their investments that will benefit the people who live in them in a multitude of ways, and their plan for the future is to build schools in third-world countries. In today’s episode, Suzy and Michael, who do everything together, explain how the COVID-19 catalyzed their entry into the world of real estate, and how the changes that have come about as a result of the pandemic have given them the freedom to work from anywhere. Currently, they are situated in Cambridge, but the “Road To 100 Countries” hashtag that they created for their relationship makes clear their intentions to travel far and wide. Suzy and Michael also run us through their morning routine, the importance of networking and focusing on every small step that takes you closer to your goal, the benefits of having a coach, and how grit and consistency have contributed to their success. We have no doubt that you’ll walk away from this conversation with a whole new outlook on the potential that exists in real estate! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic led Michael and Suzy into the world of real estate.
  • The influence that Whitney Sewell had on Michael and Suzy’s real estate careers.
  • Property that Michael and Suzy are currently closing on.
  • Michael and Suzy’s vision for their real estate business. 
  • Examples of how Suzy and Michael add value to their investments. 
  • The relationship that Michael and Suzy have with their property manager, and the new NOI acronym they have coined. 
  • #Roadto100countries; the hashtag for Suzy and Michael’s relationship, and what it means to them.
  • Education; major role it plays in Michael and Suzy’s lives, and the goals they have in this realm. 
  • Suzy and Michael’s experience of working online. 
  • The morning routine that Michael and Suzy keep.
  • Books that have had a positive impact on Suzy and Michael’s. 
  • Why Michael and Suzy highly recommend coaching sessions for entrepreneurs, and some of the realizations that they have come to through meeting with a coach.
  • “You are the only one who needs to give yourself permission to do something.”
  • Profound impacts that networking can have on your career.
  • The importance of valuing every small step that you take toward your goal. 
  • Why Michael and Suzy see consistency and grit as key contributing factors to their personal success. 

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