Although he describes himself as risk averse in terms of his work, today’s guest had the courage to take the biggest risk of all; leaving his W2, selling his house, moving into a studio with his family, and putting everything into passive real estate investing. The first loan Jaspreet Baveja did, because of the encouragement of a friend of his, was a quarter of a million dollars, and he has never looked back since! Jaspreet’s track record in the private lending space is something to behold, and in this episode, he shares the strategies he has utilized to get him to this point. There is a wide range of loan products, and a wide range of client desires, but no matter what deal Jaspreet is working on, integrity is the foundation of everything he does. This captivating episode is full of useful advice, including how you can become a general partner, when you should be wary of a lender, and why you want to have syndication experience before going into a fund model. On the mindset side, we talk about the importance of trusting your gut, not having a scarcity mindset, and not worrying about what other people think!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jaspreet shares the journey that led him into real estate.
  • The first loan that Jaspreet did, and the catalytic effect it had.
  • Some details about the six syndications that Jaspreet is involved with.
  • How Jaspreet structures his portfolio, and why he does it this way.
  • A deal that took Jaspreet only 3 hours to make!
  • Advice from Jaspreet about how to become a GP on a deal.
  • The three things that matter most to Jaspreet when deciding who is going to work with.
  • How Jaspreet gets compensated through the deals that he does.
  • Creative ways that Jaspreet keeps risks low for his clients.
  • The value of integrity.
  • When you should be weary of a lender.
  • A fund that Jaspreet is in the midst of putting together.
  • Differences between markets across states.
  • Why you want to have syndication experience before going into a fund model.
  • Jaspreet’s choice to not have a structured morning routine.
  • The book that changed Jaspreet’s mindset.
  • One of Jaspreet’s biggest mistakes, and what he learned from it.
  • Don’t have a scarcity mindset!
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about anybody else’s definition of success.
  • Elements that makes Jaspreet different from other investors.

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