Choosing to build a business in real estate investment affords many the opportunity to prioritize an additional career while generating passive income. On today’s episode, we speak with Adrian Chuquillangui, who serves on the coast guard, has a growing young family, and is passionate about helping members of the military to take the necessary steps toward financial freedom. You’ll hear about his first multifamily investment, what first drew him to real estate investment, and the power of seeking out partners with skills that complement yours. Adrian tells us about the first acquisition that he is heading towards and we talk about the role a business plan plays, as well as why he and his wife have chosen to give their profits to Focus Missionaries. We touch on the power of having a driving force behind your work, apart from financial gain, and Adrian gives us a peek into his morning routine, which starts with prayer, followed by the hardest task he has to complete. Adrian tells us why it has been so valuable for him to have a coach who is further along in his business journey and why you should educate yourself in order to avoid traps and pitfalls by doing this first. He also shares with us the power of confidence and charisma, and tells us why he defines success as the quality of your relationships before honoring his wife for her pivotal role in his coast guard and real estate journeys. We hope you join us for today’s action-packed episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Adrian Chuquillangui and his involvement in the coast guard and real estate.
  • His passion for helping members of the military take steps toward financial freedom.
  • The first multifamily investment Adrian made in Springdale, Arkansas.
  • How Adrian has built his business around his coast guard career and his family.
  • The necessity of prioritizing partners with complementary skills.
  • The first acquisition that Adrian is heading towards.
  • What role a business plan plays.
  • Why Adrian and his wife have chosen to give their profits to Focus Missionaries.
  • The power of having a driving force apart from financial gain.
  • Adrian’s morning routine, starting at 4am with prayer, followed by the hardest task.
  • His book recommendations, including Raising Capital by Hunter Thompson.
  • Adrian’s relationship with his coach and why he recommends getting a mentor to grow.
  • Why he recommends educating yourself before losing money or taking unnecessary risks.
  • A mindset tip: find a way to foster confidence and charisma.
  • Adrian’s definition of success: the quality of relationships.
  • Why Adrian gives a lot of credit to his wife in his coast guard and real estate journeys.
  • The MultiFamilyCon where Eric will be speaking.

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