Today, we’re talking to Brandon Magierowski, CEO, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, General Partner, and Podcast Host. Brandon is an active partner in Real Focus Capital Investments, the co-host of the Gorilla State Podcast, and currently owns several multifamily properties in Louisiana. He is a graduate of Multifamily University, a member of MultifamilyU investor group, and leads the Multifamily Mastermind 318 meetup group in North Louisiana. In this episode, we discuss why Brandon gave up his dream of being a college baseball coach in favor of building generational wealth through multifamily real estate and how partnering with experienced KPs and other groups has helped him take down larger deals. We also touch on the importance of taking the time to build your brand and build relationships, getting content out, and the power of meditation for improving your mindset, as well as staying competitive and being willing to do what others aren’t in order to achieve success. Tune in today to learn about all this and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Brandon Magierowski and how he got into real estate.
  • What influence Neal Bawa, the Mad Scientist of Multifamily, had on the name of Brandon’s company, Real Focus Capital.
  • Why he gave up his dream to be a baseball coach in favor of building generational wealth.
  • What Brandon learned about syndication from the Neal Bawa conference he attended.
  • The importance of taking the time to build your brand, build relationships, and build trust.
  • Syndication versus joint ventures; why Brandon and his partner chose a JV structure.
  • Learn about their first deal and how they prioritized passive income and cashflow.
  • How they closed an off market hotel deal in South Louisiana; tell people what you’re doing!
  • Partnering with experienced KPs and other groups to take down larger deals.
  • How Real Focus Capital is aiming to improve efficiencies using Asana, Slack, and VAs.
  • The importance of getting content out, appearing on podcasts, and even starting your own!
  • Brandon shares his long-term vision for Real Focus Capital and how their team will evolve.
  • Learn about Brandon’s podcast, Gorilla State Investing; the ground-pounding truth about what it takes to be successful in real estate.
  • Hear about Brandon’s morning routine; how meditation has improved his mindset.
  • What books Brandon recommends, including Clockwork and Rich Kid Smart Kid.
  • Why he attributes his success to his athletic background and competing against himself.

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