Do you have a desire to leave your unfulfilling job, get out of the rat race, and earn passive income? Are you looking for the best strategy to create long-term wealth in your real estate business? Well, today’s guest has some key advice for you! Gino Barbaro is a highly successful investor, business owner, author, and entrepreneur. From his humble beginnings in a pizza restaurant, Gino has grown his real estate portfolio to over 1,600 multifamily units. As Cofounder of Jake and Gino LLC, Gino created a unique framework that he calls Wheelbarrow Profits, which entails the three pillars of real estate: Buy Right, Manage Right, and Finance Right. This framework has allowed Gino and his partner, Jake, to grow their portfolio to over a million dollars in assets under management within five years and enabled them both to transition out of their jobs and become full-time real estate investors. Tuning in today, you’ll learn about the roles that a growth mindset, accountability, and hard work have played in Gino’s success, and he emphasizes the power of focusing on the solution rather than fixating on the problem and the importance of understanding that you have complete control over your physiology and your mindset at all times; and how to harness it! Make sure not to miss this valuable conversation with industry heavyweight, Gino Barbaro.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The role that mindset plays and why Gino believes that your behaviors are belief-driven.
  • A brief introduction to Gino Barbaro, his background, and how he got into real estate.
  • Why he says he has been fortunate to experience bad deals and what he learned from them.
  • How Gino initially came to co-found Jake and Gino as a way to educate himself.
  • Learn about the three pillars of real estate: Buy Right, Manage Right, and Finance Right.
  • Hear about the markets that Gino invests in and why he never bought assets in Florida.
  • Why Gino believes you need adequate experience and capital before starting a fund.
  • Gino’s morning routine and how it has changed since he was working at the restaurant.
  • Which books he recommends, including Mindset by Carol Dweck and the Stephen Covey classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Why Gino believes that anything is possible once you adopt a growth mindset.
  • Find out more about his books; Wheelbarrow ProfitsThe Honey BeeCreative Cash, and Passive Investing Made Simple.
  • The different coaches he has had and why he thinks coaching is a worthwhile investment.
  • What you can learn from his mistakes, including the power of being a good communicator.
  • How to balance being future-minded while also enjoying the here and now.
  • The relationship between your mindset and your physiology; you are in complete control.
  • Gino emphasizes the importance of focusing on the solution rather than the problem.
  • The key role that being accountable and taking responsibility plays in your success.
  • Gino shares his definition of success: the options that financial freedom affords you.
  • Hear what he attributes his success to; an abundance mindset, hard work, and persistence.

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