Today we have a powerful conversation with Mauricio Rauld about some of the most important legal components of the syndication process. Mauricio is an attorney specializing in syndication law, and we are lucky enough to get some valuable wisdom from him on what not to do! We talk about the process of raising capital, communication, online activity, and so much more. Our guest offers a variety of very actionable advice, getting into the rules and regulations, and offering a whole lot of guidance for the different spaces that syndicators work in. For the second part of our chat, Mauricio answers our questions about mindset, and you better believe his answers are inspiring! He talks about his regimented morning routine, why coaches and mentors are indispensable to a successful career, how to build a support system, and the books that have most inspired him in his work. So for all this and more from someone intimately aware of what to do and not to do, join us for this great episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mauricio’s background, career path, and how he ended up in the world of syndication.
  • The investments that Mauricio makes in real estate and how he avoids conflicts of interest.
  • Understanding securities and the three factors with which to concern yourself.
  • Mauricio explains the particulars of 506Bs and 506Cs offerings and what these allow syndicators to do.
  • Areas of difficulty and how syndicators typically run into problems.
  • Social media and solicitation; Mauricio weighs in on the SEC regulation of online activity.
  • What closing actually entails, and identifying the different parts of the process.
  • The rules of raising capital and the basics of sticking to the letter of the law.
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of broker-dealers and the types of deals that are attractive.
  • Clarifying the role of the syndicators and their communication with investors.
  • Mauricio’s morning routine: early rising, personal development, and getting to work!
  • The books that are at the top of Mauricio reading and recommendation list.
  • Mauricio’s current coach and the vital part that mentoring has played in his path.
  • Why Mauricio prioritizes a strong team and support system in his company.
  • An inspirational definition of unique success that Mauricio borrowed from Jim Rohn.
  • Some reflections from Mauricio on his own success and the vision that started it all.

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