While he was still at school, Fernando Angelucci read Rich Dad Poor Dad and immediately knew that he wanted to run his own real estate business. Following his dad’s wishes, he went to college and got an engineering degree (which he is very grateful for, for a number of reasons he shares today), tried out a 9-to-5 (or 5-to-9 in his case), and then eventually ended up on the path of his dreams. Although his original funding method was not one that he would recommend, and his first few years in the industry didn’t meet his passive-income goals, he bought his first self-storage facility in 2018 (attracted by the “no tenants, no trash, no toilets” promise), and has since done $65 million worth of deals in this industry! In today’s episode, Fernando gives us insider insight into his approach to personal growth, his view on failure, the business strategies he utilizes which have led to such a high degree of success, and why the future of the hyper fragmented, super localized self-storage industry is looking so bright.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The book which inspired Fernando’s career path.
  • Fernando’s first entrepreneurial ventures.
  • How Fernando funded his real estate company.
  • The first passive income deal that Fernando did.
  • What drew Fernando to self-storage.
  • Fernando’s first self-storage deal, and the growth his business has experienced since.
  • Why Fernando focuses a lot of his time on making sure he has a lot of self-storage property options to choose from.
  • Major benefits of going to college.
  • How public accountability contributes to the success of an entrepreneur.
  • Fernando’s view on marketing, and his mindset towards others working in the self-storage industry.
  • Investment criteria that Fernando looks for.
  • How Fernando approaches deals.
  • The fragmented nature of the self-storage industry, and what this allows for.
  • Key strategies that Fernando utilizes.
  • Ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the self-storage industry.
  • Fernando’s expense ratio in self-storage.
  • The high “sticky factor” of self-storage.
  • Why the future of self-storage is looking bright.
  • What Fernando’s morning routine consists of.
  • The value of traveling while you’re young.
  • Fernando’s approach to personal growth.
  • Always take action!

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