Having a social impact through your business doesn’t always need to come at the cost of profits. There are so many social issues that you can address in the field of real estate, from homelessness to drug addiction. Michelle Jeong has done just that, partnering with various government programs to combat homelessness, support foster children that have grown out of the system, and provide her services to anyone who is overwhelmed by the unaffordable state of housing today. Michelle is the Founder and Managing Director at The Difference Capital, a company that defines itself as real estate professionals and investors with heart. Tuning in, you’ll hear Michelle describe her upbringing as the daughter of immigrant parents and how she discovered real estate after a successful history in tech and various startups. We discuss Michelle’s passion for providing opportunities to blue-collar workers to build their wealth and how she is able to run a business that has a social impact but is still tremendously profitable. You’ll also hear Michelle’s key mindset tips and why success for her means having the agency to be flexible with her time. To hear more about Michelle’s work, life, and much more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest Michelle Jeong and how she discovered real estate.
  • Hear about Michelle’s history in tech and working with startups.
  • How Michelle was struggling with her work-life balance while working in tech.
  • Why Michelle decided to set out on her own.
  • How Michelle founded her company The Difference Capital and their mission statement.
  • The lack of affordable housing in America and how Michelle is addressing it.
  • Why Michelle is dedicated to helping blue-collar workers and having a social impact.
  • Michelle’s partnership with companies and programs that have a social impact.
  • What The Difference Capital’s portfolio currently looks like.
  • How Michelle is able to have a social impact while still running a profitable business.
  • Michelle’s morning routine and how it is dictated by her children and coffee.
  • Why writing down daily gratitude and goals can be so impactful on your life.
  • The concept of a Success List as a partner to your To-Do list.
  • Why Michelle advocates for coaching and the attitude of lifelong learning.
  • The value of partnering sooner and how to make sure you choose the right people.
  • How being your authentic self has guided Michelle in her life and career decisions.
  • How Michelle defines success in her life!

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