“You can never fail if you choose to learn and grow.” When Brandon Rabe had his first child, he realized he needed a career change that would allow him to spend more time with his family, something which he missed out on with his own parents when he was growing up. Fast-forward a few years and he is now running a real estate investment firm that specializes in out-of-state investments and is working as a personal development coach; both of which are interrelated realms. Brandon’s experience with coaches opened his eyes to the value that lies in the altered perspective that professionals in this space can provide one with, and he became passionate about helping people transform their lives for the better. In our conversation today we discuss the importance of being consistent in your processes, a mistake that Brandon made in his real estate career and the valuable lesson it taught him, and some of the challenges and advantages of investing out of state. Throughout the episode Brandon shares nuggets of wisdom that will leave you feeling inspired to start creating the life you truly want!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The life-changing moment that inspired Brandon’s transition to real estate and personal development.
  • The advantages of investing out of state, like Brandon.
  • Brandon explains the process he went through to find his agent in Kansas City.
  • Consistency as a key to success.
  • How Brandon found his first mentor, and how he has helped to shape Brandon’s career.
  • The first step Brandon took on his development journey.
  • Masters in the personal development space who Brandon looks up to.
  • What Brandon has been able to achieve through becoming a personal development coach.
  • Brandon shares his experience of the online training he went through to become a certified coach.
  • A rundown of Brandon’s morning routine.
  • Books which have had a profound impact on Brandon’s life.
  • The benefits of having a coach.
  • Brandon shares a mistake that he made early on in his real estate career, and what he learned from it.
  • The difference between viewing experiences as happening for you or to you.
  • How Brandon defines success.

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