Welcome back to another installment of The Real Estate Mindset! Today we are speaking to Steve Keighery of Home Buyers Louisiana, who shares with us his humble and potent formula for success: find what you’re passionate about, find what works for you, and do it really well. He also credits a huge amount of his success to his skill at finding and picking the best deals, keeping the momentum of recycling the money, and continuously stacking his portfolio. In our conversation, listeners will hear how Steve found his market beyond attracting investors, by marketing to dissatisfied homeowners and landlords that want to sell, as well as people who’ve inherited a home and don’t know what to do with it. We dive into his refreshingly transparent approach, and how creating trustworthy and consumer-oriented branding is the key to strong conversions. Plus, we unpack a shared perspective that if there is going to be inflation, you can be a winner if you are leveraged and have well-managed debt. A highly growth-oriented person, Steve embodies how we can all learn to take challenges and successes in our stride, and we are fortunate today to hear all about the mindset of humility and purpose behind this approach. From effectively and repeatedly implementing the BRRRR strategy in just 6 months, to the importance of learning the market by speaking to locals, listen in today to hear how to find your lane and grow your way to success!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Steve catches us up with his career arc, starting in 2000 with a Robert Kiyosaki seminar.
  • Taking a year off after leaving his company, and beginning his house-hacking journey.
  • Buying elsewhere and renting where you live.
  • How he implements the BRRRR strategy successfully in 6 months.
  • Having a great property management team.
  • Buying cash as opposed to getting acquisition loans.
  • Investing from a macro-economic standpoint.
  • Steve asserts that inflation is a good thing if you have well-managed debt.
  • Playing the math game efficiently so that your model works with the interest rate.
  • Appreciating the 30 years fixed interest available in America.
  • Why Steve prefers single family to multifamily.
  • Steve’s top tips, and using customer-oriented branding to seal strong conversions.
  • Marketing to landlords, homeowners, and heirs, and providing a transparent service to them.
  • Steve’s morning routine that keeps him sharp, focused, and intentional.
  • Some book recommendations that have had a huge impact on his mindset.
  • Learning from his business partners’ complementary skill-sets, and other training.
  • Growing from past experiences of not knowing the market and not getting local advice.
  • Not dwelling on mistakes, and immediately stepping into acceptance and the next move.
  • Defining success, and finding happiness in the freedom of keeping things simple and growth-orientated.
  • The value of non-attachment, and taking success and challenges in his stride.

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