We all started our real estate journey’s separately, but when we realized how much more we could do together through combining our complementary skill sets, the Wild Oak Capital team was formed, and we’ve never looked back since! Today’s episode gives listeners a chance to get to know the four partners; Shane Brooks, John Weaver, Ben Nelson, and me, Eric Nelson. We get vulnerable about what led us into the multi family real estate space, and what keeps us passionate about it. We all have a deep desire to be able to spend our time doing what we love, while also building legacies and positively impact the lives of others, and we see multi family investing as the best way to achieve these goals. We’re immensely grateful for our team and our listeners, and we’re excited to give you some insider insights into what makes us tick!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Shane, John, Ben and I share what we love about working in multi family real estate.
  • Comparing the earning potential of multi family and single family investments.
  • The ‘get rich slow’ nature of multi family real estate, and what this looks like long term.
  • What drives us to do the work that we do.
  • Educational elements of our real estate journeys.
  • Value of partnering with people who have complementary skill sets.
  • Positive impacts that our work has on the people around us.
  • The importance of choosing the right team.
  • How the four of us became partners, and the gratitude we feel for each other.
  • Book and podcast recommendations from the team.
  • Defining moments in each of our lives.
  • Our dream vacation destinations.


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