Alex Felice knows how it feels to have a hateful job and an unreliable cash flow. He also knows that in most cases, if you take radical responsibility and make proper commitments to the things that matter to you, you can create the life you really want. For Alex, that is a life of contentment, not excess, and full to the brim with books! Alex’s real estate journey began with flipping single-family homes, and in 2019 he expanded into the multi-family space with a heavily undercapitalized deal that he still managed to get a 50% IRR on for his investors! Wherever you are investing, and whatever you are investing in, Alex emphasizes the importance of properly understanding market dynamics and surrounding yourself with a team that complements your own skillset. Tune in today to hear more of Alex’s valuable advice on real estate and life in general!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Where Alex’s interest in real estate originated.
  • What Alex’s first years in real estate looked like.
  • The big move Alex made in 2019.
  • Partnerships that Alex is currently looking for.
  • Examples of the market dynamics that Alex likes to understand before investing somewhere.
  • The challenge of finding deals right now, and what Alex is focusing on instead.
  • Advice from Alex around making sure you have enough cash for the deal.
  • Why Alex’s second syndication was much easier than his first.
  • Alex’s main partner, and how their skill sets complement one another.
  • People who you should have on your team during a deal.
  • When brokers add value.
  • The two best investments in life according to Alex.
  • Upsides and downsides of coaching.
  • Alex’s personal experience with coaches.
  • Why people procrastinate, and how to stop.
  • The story behind Alex’s motto for life; take radical responsibility for everything you do.
  • How Alex defines success.

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