Don’t skip this one! This conversation with Julie Holly is one of my favorite episodes so far, and I have no doubt you’ll walk away feeling motivated and inspired to either begin your real estate investing career, or to tackle your next big deal. Julie is the founder of Three Keys Investments and The Conscious Investor podcast. She describes her way of working as “holistic investing,” which focuses on much more than just achieving financial freedom. Julie is driven to serve others, and she wholeheartedly believes that syndication is one of the most impactful ways to do so because when it is done right, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. This episode consists of equal parts practical advice on how to make sure you’re getting involved in the right deals, and wisdom that will help you stay true to yourself throughout the process.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Julie felt when she was introduced to the real estate industry.
  • The genesis moment that drove Julie towards syndication.
  • Julie shares what her experience of working with her husband was like.
  • Why Julie is on a mission to help residential real estate agents get into syndication, and the challenges she has faced in this regard.
  • What Julie’s ideal deal criteria are.
  • A real world example of why it’s so important to understand taxes.
  • How to approach a proforma.
  • Value that lies in having a market niche.
  • Julie walks us through her underwriting process.
  • Challenges of dealing with A and A+ properties.
  • Why you should always have an exit plan.
  • What Julie explores in her podcast, The Conscious Investor, and what she hopes to achieve through it.
  • Julie explains the meaning behind the name of her company, Three Keys Investments.
  • The morning routine that Julie used to keep, and why she doesn’t stick to it so religiously anymore.
  • What motivated Julie to start reading, and some books which have had a life-changing effect on her.
  • Immeasurable value that Julie sees in high-performance coaching.
  • A new perspective on impostor syndrome.
  • Julie’s battle with “shiny object syndrome.”
  • The wonderful way that Julie measures her success.

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