In today’s episode we’re straying away from the real estate world and into the world of venture capital. The Greater Colorado Venture Fund is a combination of Cory Finney’s passions for the rural communities of Colorado, venture capital, and doing things differently. This 17 million dollar seed fund invests solely in start-ups that are headquartered in rural Colorado but are able to sell their products everywhere. The fund is run by Cory and his two partners. Their authenticity, entrepreneurial experience, and willingness to put their heart and soul into their work has resulted in a successful 3 and a half years and a bright looking future (although, as Cory points out, venture funding is “patient capital,” so they’ll still be waiting a few more years to see real-world results). In today’s episode, Cory shares the serendipitous occurrences that led him to his niche, he and his partners’ approach to dealing with investors and connecting with founders, and of course, some invaluable mindset wisdom!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Cory’s original entrepreneurial foray, and his journey from there to the world of venture funds.
  • A unique characteristic of Cory’s company, the Greater Colorado Venture Fund.
  • The pieces that fell into place to make Cory’s venture fund dream come true.
  • Why patience is key for venture capitalists.
  • What the past 3 and a half years have consisted of for the Greater Colorado Venture Fund.
  • Positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Cory’s hopes for the future of his fund.
  • The hands-on approach that Cory and his partners took to brand building pre-pandemic.
  • The stage of a company’s growth where the Greater Colorado Venture Fund comes in.
  • Cory explains the process he and his partners go through if they are interested in investing in a company.
  • Types of companies that the Greater Colorado Venture Fund invests in, and some examples.
  • The role that Cory’s company plays after they have invested.
  • How Cory and his partners attracted investors for their fund.
  • Value in being honest about how much you know.
  • Complementary skills held by Cory and his partners, and their joint passion.
  • An explanation of what investing with the Greater Colorado Venture Fund looks like.
  • What Cory’s morning routine entails.
  • Book recommendations from Cory.
  • Mentors and coaches that have been invaluable to Cory throughout his life.
  • The challenging personal journey that changed Cory’s life.
  • Ownership versus victimhood mindsets.
  • What success means to Cory.

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