At some point in life, everyone’s going to fail. While some people fail and never get back up, today’s guest has proven his resilience on a number of occasions. Kyle Wolff spent 17 years in multiple facets of the electrical construction trades until the desire to own and manage his own company led him into the world of business. After one fatal error, however, his company went bankrupt. Today Kyle joins us for a candid conversation about some of the many failures and hardships he’s faced and overcome. He explains how the advice of a friend led him into the world of real estate and how after almost a year in the business, he’s stronger than ever.  Kyle shares what he’s learned, how he’s succeeded, and why he’s never going back. Tuning in you’ll hear Kyle’s thoughts on the value of family over money, why he chooses multi-family real estate over single-family real estate, why he is not fazed by the fact that he didn’t achieve his goals for the past year, and the value of living off less in order to invest more. To find out about the realization Kyle had that changed his life forever, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Meet Kyle Wolff and discover what led him into real estate.
  • What it was like for Kyle to leave a good company and start his own, as well as the incident that lead him into jumping in with both feet.
  • The big mistake that Kyle made that led to the downfall of his company.
  • How Kyle ended up working with his brother after having fired him.
  • What led Kyle to move to Texas and how the pandemic affected him.
  • What Kyle learned from looking back at both his accomplishments and his failures.
  • How Kyle realized it was time to move home and start over again.
  • The hardships of missing his family and how this drove him into a new career in real estate.
  • The value of family over money.
  • How Kyle entered the real estate business.
  • What made Kyle realize that he never wants to leave the real estate business.
  • How he started to feel like a failure again and nearly lost his first deal.
  • How Kyle’s life turned around when he realized that his goal wasn’t money.
  • Kyle’s goals and plans for the future: why he is getting out of single-family investing.
  • How he didn’t reach his goals for this past year and what this means to him.
  • Why he is choosing to focus on multi-family going forward.
  • The value of finding ways to live off of less and invest more.

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