Do you have a preferred cable provider for your multi-family properties? What about gas and electricity? Did you know you can get paid by providers for the exclusive right to market their services to your tenants?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Kevin Gardner and I chat about the money-saving and money-making opportunities which lie in the utility section of your multi-family home expense sheet. In today’s competitive utility market, property owners like you are being compensated by providers for the exclusive right to market their services to your tenants. While each of these deals differs from one another, as all properties are unique, these contracts allow you to increase NOI.

Plus, Kevin gives us his best mindset tips and what his definition of success is. In his words, success is something which can only be defined once it is attained; success is something you feel and something you experience, not something you can quantify.

What we discuss…

03:12: About Kevin and Multi-Family Utility Solution

05:54: How a utility contract can make you money vs save you money

07:46: Can a person have a DISH company without having the same easement?

08:45: Do cable companies pay property owners?

13:19: Does selecting a preferred provider give a discount to your tenants?

15:00: What are the downsides to these types of agreements?

16:04: Does a near-future sale affect your ability to get into this type of agreement?

17:51: What does Kevin’s business model look like?

19:12: What is the market like all over the U.S?

20:23: How does energy and gas work in a regulated and unregulated market?

22:36: What is Kevin’s morning routine?

23:16: What books does Kevin recommend?

24:30: Are coaches and mentors worth your time and money?

25:35: What’s something Kevin has done in the past that he wouldn’t do again?

27:49: What’s Kevin’s go-to mindset tip?

30:15: What is Kevin’s definition of success?

30:59: Why does Kevin think he is more successful than others?

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