Does fear get in the way of how you do business? It did for Bethany Finch… and it caused her to lose a $64M real estate deal.

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Eric and Ben chat with Bethany Finch about the benefits of giving back to your community when you’re a business owner. With a lot of the aspects of the real estate business being relationship-based, ensuring you’re giving out your resources for a cause will help you out in the long run.

In Bethany’s case, she gives back by providing financial literacy resources to those who need them and the opportunity for tenants to purchase her properties for a lesser amount, in exchange for sweat equity.

We also discuss how Bethany overcame fear in business, what her morning routine is like, what success means to her, and how she believes that the bigger the price tag of a mistake is, the better the lesson learned from it is.

What we discuss:

01:37: About Bethany

03:57: How the foster care system push Bethany into entrepreneurship

06:15: What has Bethany built for the community?

9:19: Are there tax advantages to giving back?

14:03: How does sustainable growth look like in a community?

20:10: What is the thinking behind Bethany’s three businesses?

24:40: How does Bethany make homeownership possible for her tenants?

32:09: How does Bethany’s executive rental business work?

33:14: What is Bethany’s morning routine?

36:00: What books does Bethany recommend?

38:50: What is Bethany’s experience with coaching?

41:20: What’s something Bethany has done in the past that she wouldn’t repeat?

45:12: What’s Beth’s go-to mindset tip?

48:01: What is Beth’s definition of success?

To learn more about Bethany:

Linkedin: Bethany Finch

Website: American Made Home Solutions