Do you know how much income you need to generate passively to retire comfortably?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, Marcus and I discuss how real estate can allow him to retire early. In fact, Marcus’ real estate investments generate more than enough passive income to cover the difference between his military pension and what he’s currently making today. And he explains how he did it so you can do it too!

We also chat about how it’s important to be generous in business but to do it selfishly. While we may be giving to others without the expectation of something in return, you should do as much good as you can as it usually comes back to you in some shape or form.

What we discuss:

01:14: About Marcus

04:40: What was Marcus’ thought process towards retirement?

06:10: How Marcus figured out how much passive income he must generate to retire

10:22: How is it like to be an LP vs a GP?

12:55: What does communication with investors look like?

14:36: What are Marcus’ goals for the next few years?

17:50: What is Marcus’ morning routine?

20:25: What books does Marcus recommend?

22:05: What is Marcus’ experience with coaching?

24:38: What’s something Marcus has done in the past that she wouldn’t repeat?

27:39: What’s Marcus’ go-to mindset tip?

29:02: What is Marcus’ definition of success?

30:10: What made Marcus successful?

To learn more about Marcus:

Instagram: @alonglegacyrei


Linkedin: Marcus Long