How do you make sure you’re doing business with people you can trust?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Andrew Schutsky and I chat about what we value in our business relationships and how we select brokers, property managers, and more. While being bottom-line driven is important in this industry, it isn’t enough. For Andrew and I, we look for people where communication is a strong suit as it is something we highly value. However, it’s up to you to discover what’s most important.

Andrew also shares with us how important it is to develop habits. In his opinion, it’s the small things that make the difference. However, he does acknowledge that it is difficult to be consistent at all times. That’s why he recommends you build a support system around you that will keep you accountable for your goals.

What we discuss:

0:01: About Andrew

02:27: What did Andrew learn as an LP?

05:18: Where is Andrew heading with his real estate projects?

06:39: What is Andrew’s “why”?

09:34: What is Andrew’s morning routine like?

14:20: What books does Andrew recommend?

16:19: What is Andrew’s experience with coaching and mentorship?

18:57: What’s something Andrew has done in the past that he wouldn’t repeat?

25:08: What’s Andrew’s go-to mindset tip?

27:01: What is Andrew’s definition of success?

28:29: What made Andrew successful?

To learn more about Andrew:

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Social Media:  Redine Equity, LLC