Do you have an exit strategy for your corporate job? Do you know how to make your family rich? Most importantly, do you have a plan in order to keep the wealth you are accumulating for you and your family?

In this episode of the Real Estate Mindset podcast, Chris Bystriansky and I chat about how he’s working to grow his family’s wealth. He explains the different steps he had to take in order to safely quit his job and go all-in on real estate. In Chris’ experience, the smartest thing you can do before quitting your job is getting an education. However, a traditional education and a college degree is not necessary to build an impressive real estate portfolio, but being educated about the real estate industry is critical to making good decisions that pay off.

Chris also explains how he thought his children from a young age to adopt an investor mindset instead of an employee mindset. Through the pocket money his children earned from completing tasks at home and the choices he and his wife make available for them to spend their money on, his children already discovered the benefits of acquiring cash-flowing assets.

What we discuss:

00:045 – About Chris

08:20: How Chris educated himself in Real Estate xxx

14:00: What Chris’ portfolio is like

18:49: About Chris’ new book

27:55: Chris’ morning routine

31:36: What books does Chris recommend?

38:20 – What is Chris’ experience with coaches and mentors?

To learn more about Chris:

Book: Renting From My 6-year old: The Right Actions That Can Make and Keep Your Family Rich

Linkedin: Chris Bystriansky