Should you invest in hot real estate markets?

Well… It depends.

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Morgan Hampel and I chat about the pros and cons of investing in hot real estate markets such as Austin, TX and why you could be better off investing in smaller, less competitive markets.

Morgan also shares how he believes his morning routine to be one of the things that set the tone for his day, hence why he prioritizes it. In his experience, your morning routine will have a ripple effect on how you approach your day from a mental point of view. By having a curated morning routine, you are essentially setting yourself up for success.

What we discuss:

0:02: About Morgan

05:38: What markets is Morgan invested in?

23:05: What is Morgan’s criteria for investing?

24:48: What is Morgan’s morning routine?

30:36: What books does Morgan recommend?

36:35: What is Morgan’s experience with coaching?

42:12: What is a mistake Morgan made that he wouldn’t repeat?

46:39: What is Morgan’s definition of success?

49:26: Why does Morgan believe he is successful?

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