Is your team comprised of deal-makers OR deal-breakers?

In this episode of the Real Estate Mindset podcast, Brian Beers and I chat about what it takes to build wealth in real estate: a successful team. In fact, knowing how to pick the right team members, partners, and contractors is critical to reaching your business objectives.

Brian also talks about how one of the biggest mistakes he made in business, which is to believe that the grass was greener on the other side. He had to face a harsh reality as he tried to operate multiple businesses, but the lesson he learned is invaluable.

What we discuss:

00:15: About Brian

02:39: How does Brian approach building wealth?

13:35: How to build a performing team?

19:54: What is Brian’s morning routine?

21:20: What books does Brian recommend?

24:25: What is Brian’s experience with coaching and mentorship?

27:11: What is a mistake Brian made that he wouldn’t repeat?

29:51: What is Brian’s definition of success?

31:00: Why does Brian believe he is successful?


To learn more about Brian:

Instagram: @businesswithbeers

Linkedin: Brian Beers

Podcast: Business with Beers