What if I told you that not trusting your gut could cost you your freedom?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Mike Morawski and I chat about how he built his real estate company from the ground up to a $100M valuation in less than three years… Only to lose it all. While Mike had to serve time in federal prison, he did come out of this situation with five lessons which he shares in this episode for all real estate entrepreneurs to know.

We also chat about how important it is to trust your gut when you are in business. While seeking external counsel and advice from professionals is always recommended, your gut is usually capable of telling you what you may not be conscious of yet.

What we discuss:

00:32: About Mike

15:22: How did Mike end up where he did?

27:05: How did Mike start teaching an ethics course?

30:52: What are Mike’s five lessons?

38:52: What is Mike’s morning routine like?

40:13: What books does Mike recommend?

41:32: What is Mike’s experience with coaching and mentorship?

43:03: What is Mike’s definition of success?

44:13: Why does Mike believe he is successful?

To learn more about Mike:

Instagram: @mike.morawski.54

Book: Exit Plan

Website: mycoreintentions.com