Do you wonder if multi-family syndication is right for you?!

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Nancy Huynh and I chat about how her simple 401K strategy was not enough to build the wealth she needed in order to retire comfortably. But with her day job as a physician and her family taking up a lot of her time, she needed to find something that could provide her with passive income…

And that’s when she discovered multi-family syndication. Through her own experience, she learned what are some of the pros and cons of this real estate sector and shares those with us.

We also chat about the benefits of coaching and how it was imperative to her success. In her own experience, coaches may not do the work for you but they can help you process and change the beliefs you have that are in the way of you making it in your chosen field.

What we discuss:

00:17: About Nancy

04:00: How Nancy became a doctor

06:26: What are Nancy’s passive income portfolio look like?

08:13: What are the pros and cons of residential real estate vs multi-family syndication?

15:39: What is Nancy planning to do in the future?

19:22: What is Nancy’s morning routine?

22:45: What books does Nancy recommend?

25:31: What is Nancy’s experience with mentors and coaches?

27:44: What is something Nancy has done and wouldn’t do it again?

30:26: What is a mindset tip Nancy has?

32:45: What is Nancy’s definition of success?

33:37: Why does Nancy think she is successful?

34:58: What is Nancy’s goals in regards to the medical field?

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