Would you be able to balance real estate deals and a W-2 job?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, Bernie Leas and I chat about how he raised capital for his real estate deals, all while working a W-2 job. He also shares with us what important lessons he learned about fundraising and how you could avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Bernie also shares his favorite mindset tip, which is to always start with action. A lot of people want to make it into real estate, but never make it out of the education and planning phase. His advice to always start with action is what will make the difference between someone who is successful in real estate and someone who is not.

What we discuss:

0:05: About Bernie
04:52: How is the market like in Tennessee?
07:45: How did capital raising go for Bernie’s latest deals?
15:45: What did Bernie learn from fundraising?
21:46: How is Bernie balancing his different projects and income streams?
24:48: What is Bernie’s morning routine?
26:40: What books does Bernie recommend?
27:31: What’s something that Bernie has done and wouldn’t do again?
29:50: What’s Bernie’s best mindset tip?
35:32: What is Bernie’s definition of success?
36:24: Why does Bernie think he is successful?

To learn more about Bernie:

Website: www.elementalequityllc.com