Would you live in your investment property if it means you get to live there for FREE?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset, Carlos Rovira and I talk about house-hacking. Regardless of what other people may say about this tactic, it is still one of the best ways to save the funds necessary to grow your portfolio. Especially when you’re starting off.

We also chat about habit-tracking and how this simple tool is the reason behind a lot of the success for many entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.

What we discuss:

00:18: About Carlos

06:50: How house-hacking helped Carlos break into real estate

10:21: Which markets is Carlos in?

14:33: How did Carlos transition to the syndication model?

17:00: What was Carlos’ trajectory like in real estate?

24:52: What is Carlos’ morning routine?

30:23: What books does Carlos recommend?

33:21: What is Carlos’ experience with coaches and mentorship?

38:05: What’s a mistake Carlos has made?

40:53: What’s Carlos’ mindset tip?

42:33: What is Carlos’ definition of success?

44:55: Why does Carlos believe he is successful?

To learn more about Carlos:

Website: rovirarealty.com
Facebook: Rovira Realty
Linkedin: Rovira Realty