Do you wish you could own real estate but don’t have a huge amount of capital to invest?
In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Bryan Marks, Jimmy Woodward, and I chat about their new app, Cloud Castles. This app helps make real estate investing something that is accessible to all, no matter how much or little they have to invest.
We also chat about the best mindset tips they have to give. Jimmy’s answer relates back to how important a very basic skill is in real estate, which is patience. Patience is the key to success and is behind a lot of the reasons why people are successful as patience paired with persistence usually seals the deal.

What we discuss:
0:02: About Bryan and Jimmy
02:32: What is Cloud Castle?
05:45: How does the user experience look like for investors? 10:44: What does the discount work in the app?
14:45: What does staffing look like in this business model? 17:49: How many investors pitch in for one deal?
21:40: How are these properties getting underwritten? 28:35: What is their team like?
33:30: What is their morning routine?
35:30: What books do they recommend?
37:48: Were coaches and mentors worth the investment? 40:30: What is their best mindset tip?
43:50: What is their definition of success?

To learn more about Jimmy and Bryan:
Website: Cloud Castles
Social Media: @cloudcastles