Did you know that property managers may be your best partner when it comes to real estate?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Drew Whitson, John Weaver, and I chat about the three levels of motivation and how knowing how to use these levels to your advantage can help you achieve immense success in real estate.

We also chat about the few lessons Drew had to learn the hard way. The biggest lesson he learned was to be working with property managers first and then reverse engineer how they will make a deal happen. Drew learned the hard way that these property managers are the people who have the knowledge you need in order to succeed in their respective local markets.

What we discuss:

00:17: About Drew
04:37: What made Drew do the jump from corporate to real estate? 18:11: What is Drew’s morning routine?
19:25: Which books does Drew recommend?
26:45: What is Drew’s experience with coaching and mentorship? 31:22: What lessons did Drew learn the hard way?
36:15: How does Drew define success?
38:25: Why does Drew believe he is successful?

To learn more about Drew:

Linked In: Drew Whitson
Website: enduruscapital.com