Are you thinking big enough?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Tony Castronovo, Ben Nelson and I chat about how important it is to think bigger. Oftentimes, people start in real estate with the idea that they can do everything themselves. Beware, as this is a common trap! Tony explains what you need to do to grow your portfolio and reach new heights in business. We also chat about which books he recommends and how the advice within those books made him so successful.

What we discuss:
0:15: About Tony
02:01: How Tony was able to think bigger
20:00: What is Tony’s morning routine?
22:17: What books does Tony recommend?
26:40: What is Tony’s experience with coaching and mentorship? 38:40: What mistakes has Tony made in the past?
37:50: What is Tony’s definition of success?

To learn more about Tony
Linked in: Tony Castronovo