Have you tried raising capital recently?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Mike Shaughnessy and I chat about the difficulties with raising capital many real estate investors. While interest rates are slowly getting hiked up, we observe two different kind of behaviors among investors in today’s economic landscape.

We also chat about Mike’s definition of success and what makes him so succesful today. He also shares with us his best mindset tip.

What we discuss:

00:17: About Mike
09:15: What does Mike’s portfolio look like right now?
12:00: What markets does Mike like to invest in?
16:16: Does Mike experience any difficulties with raising capital? 18:56: What is Mike’s morning routine?
20:26: What books does Mike recommend?
22:00: What is Mike’s experience with coaching and mentorship? 24:28: What’s a mistake Mike has made that he will not repeat? 27:00: What’s Mike’s best mindset tip?
28:57: What is Mike’s definition of success?
31:38: Why does Mike believe he is successful?

To lean more about Mike:

Website: elementalequityllc.com