Would you do real estate as a side-hustle?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Tim McGarvey and I chat about how he started investing into real estate while he worked his full-time corporate job. Starting with real estate as a side-hustle back then allowed him to grow his business with a security net, thanks to his regular pay check. We also chat about Tim’s definition of success, his morning routine, and mistakes he’s made when hiring people that he learned from.

What we discuss:

0:00: How Tim got into Real Estate
03:41: How can someone start real estate as a side-hustle while working full-time? 06:44: What does Tim’s business look like?
13:30: What is Tom’s morning routine?
15:40: What books does Tom recommend?
17:00: What is Tim’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
18:34: What are mistakes Tim made that he wouldn’t make again?
20:17: What is Tim’s definition of success?
21:17: Why does Tim believe he’s more successful than others?
23:43: How are the recent rate hikes affecting Tim’s business?

To learn more about Tim:

Instagram: @tim_mcgarvey and @venturestack
Website: venture-stack.com