Do you go fishing for capital before finding a deal? Or are you doing it the other way around?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Dave Dubeau and I chat about the advantages of finding capital before looking for a deal. We also chat about what happens if you do the opposite, meaning you find a deal before you find the capital and why Dave doesn’t recommend you do it that way.

We also chat about Dave’s morning routine, what mistakes he’s made in his career, and what his definition of success is.

What we discuss:

00:15: Dave’s background
03:50: What is Dave passionate about?
05:00: What tips does Dave have for real estate investors?
18:40: What is Dave’s morning routine
22:08: What books does Dave recommend?
22:60: What’s a mistake Dave made he would never do again?
24:38: What is Dave’s definition of success?

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