If something you purchased costs half of your yearly salary, you would follow through with the required action you need to take, right?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Robert Preston and I chat about the different asset classes in real estate and how he’s underwritten them in the past. We also discuss his expense ratio and what number he usually feels is realistic for different types of properties.

We also chat about his experience with coaching and how he once spent $35,000 to better himself. While he did learn some valuable information, he left these coaching sessions with a lot more than just extra knowledge.

What we discuss:

00:42: About Robert
07:42: What are the differences between asset classes?
10:40: What is Robert’s expense ratio?
12:24: What is Robert’s fund?
18:08: How difficult was it to raise money for Robert’s fund? 19:13: What is Robert’s team like?
22:43: What is Robert’s morning routine?
23:25: What books does Robert recommend?
24:05: What is Robert’s experience with coaching or mentorship? 28:45: What’s a mistake Robert made he learned from?
31:00: What is Robert’s definition of success?
32:10: Why does Robert believe he is successful?

To learn more about Robert:

Website: climbcapital.com