Do you know what note investing is?

In this episode of The Real Estate Investor, Scott Carson and I chat about the note investing process. While most of us know we can invest in real estate by straight up buying the property, it comes to many that you can also buy a note from a lender. Scott explains the pros, the cons, how he finds his deals, and how negotiations go down for these types of deals.

Plus, Scott shares his winning mindset tip, what books he recommends, and what his morning routine is like.

What we discuss:

00:31: About Scott
02:40: How does Scott find distressed deals?
09:42: How does the negotiations for these types of deals go? 14:41: Where does Scott get the capital?
16:20: What mistakes do people do when they start investing? 24:52: What is Scott’s morning routine?
28:50: What books does Scott recommend?
32:55 – What is Scott’s favorite mindset tip?

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