Did you know that ONLY 5% of accredited investors are aware of syndicate opportunities in real estate?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Matt Hansen about the opportunities in real estate that most financial professionals don’t present to their clients. Most people who are looking to build their wealth are pumping their money into the stock market rather than real estate simply because they weren’t presented with the option to do so by the professionals they trust their money with. That’s why educating people and spreading the word on the risks and rewards of real estate as an investment is something we as an industry need to do more of.

We also chat about Matt’s definition of success, what his morning routine is like, and what his experience with coaches and mentors was like.

What we discuss:

00:15: About Matt
01:17: How did Matt transition from corporate to real estate?
05:03: What is Matt’s focus these days?
10:33: How did Matt get into Venture Capital?
15:48: What tips does Matt have for people who are also raising capital? 22:13: What is Matt’s morning routine?
24:19: What books does Matt recommend?
27:46: Has Matt ever had mentors or coaches?
33:05: What mistake did Matt learn from the most?
35:00: What is Matt’s definition of success?
36:07: Why does Matt believe he is successful?

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