Should you invest in your online presence if you’re looking to raise capital?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset, Erik Cabral and I chat about the importance of dropping breadcrumbs on the internet that lead potential investors to your brand. No matter how many people may try to convince you that a podcast or social media is simply for vanity, it’s a key component for many people on the market when it comes to evaluating your credibility as a potential partner.

Erik also gives some advice for someone who may want to start a podcast, how one can provide value to his or her community, and which books he recommends you read.

What we discuss:

01:06: About Erik
05:53: About Erik’s layoff story
07:47: How did Erik get into real estate?
11:55: How does Erik offer value to his community?
15:02: What advice does Erik have for someone starting a podcast? 18:29: How important is your brand when you’re raising capital? 22:40: What books does Erik recommend?
24:50: What is Erik’s morning routine?
27:37: Were coaches worth it for Erik?
32:38: What mistakes did Erik do in the past?

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