Do you have a vision for what you want to achieve?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Faisal Ensaun, Jens Nielson, and I chat about the benefits of coaching. While we may think we are progressing in our careers by setting goals, what we really should be doing is creating a vision for what we want to achieve. Jens and Faisal explain what creating a vision as an entrepreneur has done for their clients in the past and how you would benefit from coaching through this journey.

We also chat about the Paying It Forward conference that is coming up this October. Make sure to tune in to learn more about it.

What we discuss:

01:15: About Jens
02:42: About Faisal
06:44: What do Faisal and Jens enjoy most about coaching?
14:18: About Jen and Faisal’s coaching experiences
21:13: What can people expect from the Pay It Forward conference?

To learn more about Faisal and Jens:

Pay It Forward Conference: