Do you know how much of your gross income you invest?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, Daniel Del Real and I chat about how he was able to build his wealth throughout the years by investing 80% of his income. While he may be making a lot more money than he did 10 years ago, the parameters of his budget are still the same and allowed him to grow his real estate portfolio to the size it is today.

We also chat about the concept of giving back and putting your money where your heart is. Daniel constantly gives back to the real estate community by providing new investors with the knowledge and lessons he learned when he first started. He also created a platform that allows other successful people to share their journey as well, known as GoBundance.

What we discuss:

00:37: About Daniel
13:36: How did Daniel come up with the idea for GoBundance? 24:44: What are “sexy” assets?
38:38: A mindset tip from Daniel

To learn more about Daniel:


Instagram: @daniel_del_real