Is your team prepared to grow with your business?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Aaron West about how he built his real estate team. While it may be difficult to delegate tasks, hiring people that can help you grow your business is what will bring you to the next level.

In Aaron’s business, he has reached a point where he is now over-staffed. But instead of seeing this as a burden, he shares with us why he’s proud of it and why he considers this to be what needs to happen to bring his business to the next level.

We also chat about what type of activities Aaron focuses on in his business, what books he recommends, and why he believes he is successful.

What we discuss:

00:29: About Aaron
02:01: How did Aaron build his team?
06:41: How “7 to 8” was created
12:20: What is Aaron working towards next?
16:18: Which activities does Aaron focus on in his business? 25:10: What is Aaron’s morning routine?
28:03: What books does Aaron recommend?
29:19: Did coaching or mentorship ever work for Aaron?
31:54: What is Aaron’s definition of success?
32:56: What does Aaron believe is responsible for his success?

To learn more about Aaron:

Website: The West Experience

Instagram: @theaaron.west