Do you wish Uncle Sam could cut you some slack?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with John Crowell about his transition from tech entrepreneur to real estate investor. Throughout the years, John encountered a problem where we was often left with too much disposable income. While this may sound like a good problem to have, it actually isn’t — such high income without any expenses to offset it quickly becomes a tax burden. That’s when John turned to real estate and has been since able to bring down his tax bracket and achieve double-digit returns on his investments.

We also chat about John’s morning and evening routine, what he’s learned from his mistakes, and what he noticed to be a common trait among successful people.

What we discuss:

00:41: How John got started in real estate
19:36: What books does John recommend?
21:40: What does John’s morning routine look like?
23:00: What is John’s shut-down routine look like?
25:29: What is John’s experience with mentorship and coaching? 28:00: What is John currently working on?
29:39: What did John learn from his mistakes?
32:10: What is John’s definition of success?
32:55: What makes someone more successful than others?

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