In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Ben Nelson, Hunter Thompson, and I chat about how being knowledgeable about real estate market cycles allows you to make educated investments instead of FOMO-based investments. Oftentimes, we think that the best time to buy is during a market crash, but those who have been through the 2008 housing crisis know that it’s not necessarily the case. Thus, knowledge is king.
We also chat about how Hunter found his niche, what his book writing process looked like, and what resources he uses to research the real estate market.

What we discuss:

00:52: How did Hunter write his book?
04:30: What does the book writing process look like? 08:52: How did Hunter find his niche?
17:26: How important is education in this economy? 30:53: What resources that Hunter uses?
32:38: What is Hunter’s morning routine?
To learn more about Hunter:

Book: Raising Capital For Real Estate